About US

Hype Shoes is the best hypesnkrz website to shop hypeunique shoes,hypedc sneakers and hot kicks for sneakerhead!We are committed to be best replica shoes website!

We loved to hype kicks and hypbeast sneakers, and we had experienced to collect one pair of shoes we love, we need to save money for a long time, or spend a lot of money, pay an expensive price but only have one pair of shoes in our collection. In order to make it easier for more friends to get hot hype shoes, we found the Hype Shoes website in Putian, China, this city have been the biggest replica sneakers production center.

With the advantage of origin,we have built the best supply chain coordination capabilities, in order to provide only the best quality to sneakerhead, set up the largest purchasing center and order fulfillment department to ensure reliable quality and absolute 1:1 replication. Therefore, we have strong order fulfillment capabilities to ensure that customer shop the perfect hypeunique sneakers,hypedc shoes and hypesnkrz.

With the development of the business, we pay great attention to the customer's experience: logistics,payment, and cost-effective experience.

About logistics experience and advantages
Due to the product are replica sneakers, to complete the fulfillment of order send out and delivery, it is necessary to through special logistics channels. How to choose logistics channel cooperation for faster delivery, we have accumulated rich experience, for customers in North America, Europe, Australia, it can be delivered in almost 15 days, some order can recevied shoes around 10days!

About payment experience and advantages
To ensure that you can complete your payment efficiently, we offer four payment methods for you to choose:
credit cards, Paypal, Zelle and bank transfer.

About the cost-effective experience and advantages
We have the best quality with cheap, they are producted by hypeunique and hypedc factory.
Like many big brands, they have more than one factory, so do we, we set up two factories to product two different batch, they are PK batch and OG batch. So, our customers have more options to buy their favorite sneakers. We are sure of the quality of our hype shoes and the satisfaction of our customers.

Wish you happy shopping on Hype Shoes, if you have any question, welcome to contact our customer service, we expect your advise or questions.